Why is CitruSolution the best choice for carpet cleaning in Greene, Morgan, Newton, Putnam, and Walton Counties?

CitruSolution offers a healthy, effective, and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning service that you cannot get anywhere else. Our cleaning solution contains an antimicrobial to fight mildew, relieve allergies, and reduce the residue left by dust mites. Competing carpet cleaning companies use soap, water, and chemicals which saturate your carpets, attracts dirt, and breeds mildew. Our customers trust us to be straightforward with them, so we don’t charge extra for tough spots or extra services. We are in the business because we believe in our results and we love doing our customers right.

This sounds pretty good! How much do you charge?

We believe that we offer the best carpet cleaning service out there, but we price our services competitively so that they are available to most everyone. Our quotes are more like exactimates than estimates, because we never try to upsell you on products or services, and we never add hidden charges. The price we give you is the total, and it includes a full and complete carpet cleaning.

Why is the CitruSolution method best for removing pet stains?

Our fluid dry cleaning process removes stains and smell great, but our antimicrobial solution also removes 99% of germs and bacteria. If your pet has an accident between cleanings, forgo the soapy spot cleaners that attract soil and use a homemade solution. Just mix a 50:50 solution of white vinegar and water and let it dry. Then apply our CitruSpotter Stain Remover, which we provide free with every cleaning.

What makes carpet cleaning so significant health-wise?

Dust mites and their allergens can have detrimental effects on everyone: children, adults, and the elderly. Dust mites are arachnids, like spiders and ticks, and although we have to live with them, we can mitigate their effects. Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning can hinder the onset and severity of asthmatic reactions or allergic ailments.

Also, EPA studies indicate that air pollution is 200%-500% worse indoors than outdoors, and the average American spends approximately 90% of their time inside. Because dust mites often live in the carpeting, pollutants fly into the air every time the fibers move, or with every step. Pollutants remain airborne for an hour, so what is in your carpet frequently ends up in your lungs. Clean carpets are essential to wellness as well as aesthetics.

What steps can I take to make my home healthier?

Clean your carpets, of course! The main ingredient in CitruSolution, d-Limonene, is extracted from citrus peels, has been proven to destroy dust mites and other common allergens! Be sure to vacuum often, because not only are you removing live and dead dust mites, you are depriving them of dead skin particles, their main food source. Monitor the humidity in your homes, because dust mites survive in 50% humidity and thrive in 70% humidity. Taking a few extra steps each week will go a long way in improving or preserving your respiratory wellness

Will you move my furniture for me?

Afraid not. The CitruSolution process involves three steps, and moving your belongings would keep us in your home for much longer than necessary. We ask that you move furniture to an area that won’t be getting the Citru treatment, but we’re happy to help if there is an item that you can’t budge on your own.

Should I use Scotchguard?

Probably not. From our own experience and from the experience of our customers, Scotchguard tends to be very pricey but not very effective. Our CitruSpotter Stain Remover will protect against any accidents that may happen between cleanings, and it’s free!

I’m a property manager in town and our complex has a lot of area in need of regular cleaning. Are you equipped to handle condominium and apartment buildings?

Yes! Our team is has the customer service, knowledge, aptitude, and equipment to clean for condo associations and rental communities both large and small. We also have the capacity to clean up the carpet and upholstery in offices, clubhouses, and schools. Clean carpets are vital to the health of residents and students, so give us a call!

My family is coming to visit, and I just started to notice that old spots in the carpet are coming back. What is happening?

It could be a few things. Off-the-shelf carpet cleaners leave a sticky residue that can attract dirt to old problem areas, so you may need to switch to a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water alongside our free CitruSpotter solution. Also, traditional carpet cleaners use extra soap to remove stains, which improves the spot temporarily but clings to dirt and debris over time, worsening the original problem. We recommend that you have our CitruSolution team come out twice a year, and, of course, we’ll bring you a bottle of CitruSpotter Stain Remover each time.

How do I keep my carpet looking clean and fresh longer?

Watch those kids and pets! But since they have minds of their own, we recommend regular vacuuming, maybe once or twice a week. Vacuuming removes abrasive debris and minimizes wear on your carpeting. Avoid soapy cleansers and traditional carpet cleaning, and trust us to clean your carpet effectively and naturally for the health of your family!